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Currently, we offer door to door delivery in three regions; Kingston, Portmore, and Spanish Town. Outside of these three regions, we make use of Knutsford Express and Zip Mail for deliveries. Shipment will be subject to Knutsford Express’ Terms and Conditions.

No, there is no limit to the size of the packages you can ship to Jamaica. We are prepared and ready to ship your packages, no matter how big or small they are.

Every week, packages are forwarded to Jamaica on Friday and arrive in Jamaica on Monday. Your package will then be subjected to the availability of Jamaica Customs Agency.

We will pay the Customs Duty and Custom GCT for all packages forwarded to Jamaica. Once your package is cleared, you will be notified via text and email to check your dashboard and make the payment. NOTE: Once payment is received, the item will go out for delivery.

We forward any package delivered to your assigned virtual mailbox in Florida. These packages can either be hand-delivered or mailed to the virtual mailbox address you were provided.

A Shipping Alert is a means of notifying us that your package is on the way. To set up a Shipping Alert, you will be required to enter the following:


  • The Retailer’s Name
  • The Tracking Number
  • The Estimated Delivery Date
  • The Estimated Weight



If you would like to combine multiple packages, this can be done while setting up the shipping alert. Clicking the ‘Combine Shipment” button informs us of your intent to merge multiple packages into one. Please be certain NOT to combine incompatible items. Select “add notes” to leave special shipping instructions. You can ship as many packages as you like, but TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

An email will be sent to you prompting you to verify your virtual mailbox address. You will be required to add a forwarding address (the address to which your packages will be delivered in Jamaica) and upload a valid government ID. Follow the steps in the email to complete your mailbox address verification.

After verifying your email address you will receive an email with your virtual mailbox address and login information. You can also view your mailbox address on the dashboard section inside the User Portal.

Your virtual mailbox address is your US address. This is what you enter as a Shipping Address when you shop online.

Your virtual mailbox address should look like this:

Full Name: Shop N Relax
Address Line 1: 1293 North University Drive
Apartment Line 2: SNR – *****
City: Coral Springs
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33071
Phone Number: (954) 282-9349

Please ensure that you never forget to enter your mailbox number on the second line of the address. This mailbox number is the means by which your packages are identified.


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