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When packages are shipped through our platform, they are insured and valued at $5.00 per package or $5.00 per pound, whichever is lower. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.

All packages with delivery addresses outside of Kingston, Portmore and Spanish Town will be delivered using Knutsford Express and Zip Mail as the last mile service provider. All packages delivered via Knutsford Express will be subject to the Knutsford Express Terms and Conditions.

Yes, someone else can receive your package on your behalf. If you will be personally unavailable to receive your package, simply navigate to your user portal and specify the necessary information. This should be done before your package arrives at our location in Florida.

All packages will be inspected before they are forwarded to Jamaica to ensure that they match the details in the invoice provided, and don’t fall into the banned products category. All double boxes are removed and re-packaged where necessary to ensure that they are not damaged unless otherwise instructed.

You can ship virtually anything from the U.S. to Jamaica as long as it is not prohibited by the U.S. or the Jamaican government. If you are unsure about the status of a product, kindly contact our customer service for further clarification.

During the inspection at our warehouses in the US, your prohibited item will be separated and you will be contacted. We will explain why it cannot be shipped to Jamaica.

No, we don’t accept payment on delivery. Payment is required to initiate the delivery process.

Your delivery address can be edited in your profile. You can select home or work and the package will be forwarded accordingly. These changes between home and work are only applicable to packages without a scan. Once a package is received and scanned into our warehouse, you will see the tracking update, “Item Received in Florida” at which no further address changes will be applicable to this package. For further assistance please call, text or Whatsapp customer service.

Without a valid means of identification, you will not be able to use our services to forward packages to Jamaica as your virtual mailbox address cannot be verified without a valid means of identification.

You can ship as many cars as you want. There is no limit to the size of the packages we can help you ship to Jamaica.


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