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Brings you Flat Rate Food Boxes. You full it and we will ship it to your door!


You have spoken, and we have listened. You have indicated to us that you would like to be able to purchase groceries and all the typical contents of a food barrel without worrying about weight. For example, bags of rice, cooking oil, flour, etc., and we have innovated!

Here are 4 different Flat Rate Food Boxes that allow you to buy groceries specifically from Walmart and specifically with in-store pick-up. Below, we have included the store addresses and the name of the authorized pick-up person to use. We have also outlined the process, the terms and conditions, the costs and the guidelines.

This feature is restrictive and designed to be an efficient streamline from store to door. You will find that once the order is placed, it becomes an automated process and there is no way to edit, delay or stop it until the box arrives at your doorstep. Please do not use this feature if you are not prepared to follow through straight to the end.

These Flat Rate Food Boxes are meant for the purchase of food items from walmart.com only, with in-store pick up at the specific Walmart listed below. 

This is not an attempt to limit you, but to remind you that an adult male has to pick up your Flat rate Food Box. It is not a barrel and cannot be rolled. This box is only for items for monthly consumption and not for commercial quantities. (For example, 4 units of the same item is deemed commercial quantity)

For example, suppose you purchased the food items and use a Walmart location other than specified locations here. In that case, the box will be weighed, measured and charged as a standard shipment and not as an FRFB.

Without notifying us, please feel free to go ahead with your shopping cart and make your purchases. There is absolutely no need to call us and tell us that you intend on buying Walmart groceries before making the purchase. Fill up your Walmart Shopping Cart and make your purchase. After you have made your purchase, immediately go ahead and do your shipping alert. In the section designated for the tracking number you will not have a tracking number, please type in WALMART plus your Order Number (only the number) as indicated below:

WALMART123456789 (Note: there is no space, just Walmart and the numbers. DO NOT TYPE ANY OTHER LETTERS OR WORDS).

The date and time of all shipping alerts are recorded, so we will know when the order was placed and will be notified of your shipping alerts.

Remember, this is an automated process. Do not contact customer service to let us know that you want to make a Walmart purchase; it is not necessary. 

After you create a Shipping Alert, send us the Order Confirmation via WhatsApp to +19548000133.

Once we receive your shipping alert, we will be alerted that it is a Walmart in-store pick-up purchase.

We will pick up all the items, package them in one box and ship them to Jamaica. Do not make multiple orders at Walmart!! This feature is designed for a single order per box.

Order for all your items and check them out at once under a single order number. If you select combine shipment and enter multiple items. In that case, we will not pick that order up, and you will have to cancel the order and redo the order with all items under a single order number.

This feature is ONLY for customers who have been Platinum Members for over 30 days It is free to become a Platinum Member. Simply click on the JOIN PLATINUM BUTTON on your dashboard. There is absolutely no cost associated with the platinum membership. 


However, if you are not a platinum member and you use this feature, we will NOT process your items as an FRFB. We will process your items as a standard shipment and charge you the regular shipping cost based on the weight and dimensions of your combined items, logistics, duties and delivery charges will apply.


The Combine Shipment feature should NOT be used along with the Flat Rate Food Box Feature. Please ensure that you shop for all your items in one single order number using the Walmart store locations and authorized name below for the in-store pick-up.


There shall be no combination of items purchased elsewhere either online or otherwise.


There shall be no combination of items that are not food items in this FRFB.


Any deviation from the guidelines set forth will result in the box being weighed, measured, and charged as a standard shipment.


Monday to Thursday is the optimal period to shop for groceries at Walmart with in-store pick-up. Please ensure that your groceries are available for pick-up before 6pm (Florida Time) every Sunday. If any part of your order is not available for pickup by 6pm on Sunday, we will not pick-up any of your items and we will attempt to pick them up when all the items are available for pick-up.


All items picked up on Sunday will be shipped to Jamaica on Wednesday/Thursday. Check your shipping history to track your package. DO NOT call customer care to check on your package as all packages picked up on Sunday will be shipped out on Wednesday/Thursday.


The contents of the Flat Rate Food Box will be subject to customs duty just as any other package would be subjected to customs duty. Hence, please upload the itemized receipt along with a total. Please DO NOT upload screenshots of items and prices of items. Failure to upload a good receipt will result in the items not being picked up. You are subjected to a flat rate; however, the process doesn’t change for us the shipper.


Please note: we will NOT check items for expiration date or freshness, we will only go into the store to pick them up. Special Instructions will NOT be available for the FRFB feature.


The customer is responsible for the conditions of all the items purchased from Walmart. Do not purchase perishable items and take into consideration that it will take a minimum of 10+ days between the date of pick-up for the item to be delivered to you.


Purchasing items with a shelf life of less than 14 days is not advisable. If items perish because of any delays caused by Walmart, the shipper, customs, the weather, payment, delivery or any other means, this falls on the customer. There will be no form of compensation for items perished.


Should your items become expired or stale by the time they are delivered to you, we will not be responsible for the costs of affected items.


We will pick up the items from Walmart based on the receipt attached to the shipping alert, and we will endeavor to verify that we are actually receiving all the items that you have purchased, but we take no responsibility for this.


If you do not provide a good receipt that itemizes all your purchases, we will be unable to verify that all items are given to us and will ONLY pick-up what we are given and ship them to you. If some of your purchases are not included, it is your responsibility to call Walmart and follow up.


Our goal is to allow you to access all the groceries you want at cheap prices, so we will carefully pack all your groceries into the smallest possible box. It is not up to you to select which of the Flat Rate Boxes you need because you cannot determine the correct size without actually fitting the groceries into the box.


Please DO NOT contact us to try to engage us in conversations to determine how much items you should purchase to fill a particular size box. We do not give FRFB consultation.


Please DO NOT use these boxes to ship commercial quantities. The Flat Rate Food Box is meant for Private Consumption, and not for wholesale or commercial purpose. If the Jamaica Customs Agency deems the content commercial, your box will be treated as a standard package. We will process your items as a standard shipment and charge you the regular shipping cost based on the weight and dimensions of your combined items, logistics, duties and delivery charges will apply. (Example of commercial quantity: 12 jars of same coffee).


All you have to do is shop online from Walmart for all the groceries you need, and we will ship them to your doorstep in Jamaica.



5555 W Atlantic Blvd
FL 33063
Phone: (954) 975-8682


Authorized Pickup Person
Kevin Dunn

Can I call customer service with questions about this product?

The FRFB is a self-help program, and all Customer Service enquiries will be redirected to the FRFB Process, Guidelines and FAQs. It is not advisable to use the FRFB without reading the process and guideline.


How do I know how much grocery fits in the boxes?

We cannot estimate this, and neither can you. Of the four different box sizes, we will select one and fill it up with your purchases. When we are done putting the last piece of food item in the box, and there is space, we will swap with a smaller box. However, if your items cannot fit in the selected box, we will automatically pick the bigger box. We will not call to discuss either the order or the process; this is an automated process.


What will happen if I order things other than food?

This order will not be picked up. We would not be able to have discussions around why nothing other than food items should be ordered for the "Flat Rate Food Box". As the name implies, it is a Food Box


So I cannot buy dishwashing soap?

We will only ship edibles. If you cannot eat it, do NOT order it for FRFB.


How many boxes am I allowed to order per month?

You are allowed to make one order per week. We will not combine two orders into a single box. When we go to Walmart, we will pick up a single order and make a single shipment.


Can I add an item from Amazon in the box?

The FRFB is ONLY for Walmart products in one Walmart order. One Flat Rate Food Box, no deviation, no exceptions and there is no need for calls to customer service about placing an order. Please DO NOT attempt to make any request to customize this product because it will result in your order not picked up or the order picked up and shipped at standard rates with customs fees and delivery fee.


How do I know the box size that was used?

You will be able to see the box size that was used on your order page once the status on the package changes to "Items Received In Florida".


Do I have to pay Customs Duty?

No, just the flat rate advertised.


Will you remove cartons and extra packaging?

No, we will not open your grocery items.


How and when do I pay?

When your item clears customs, you will receive both text and email saying it is time to pay.


How soon after I pay will my items be delivered?

Delivery will be initiated as soon as your payment is confirmed.


What if my items fill the largest box and there are still items left?

After filling up the largest box, we will fill the remaining items into the small box, and if the smallest box doesn't fit them all, we will move them into the medium-sized box. Be sure not to use the FRFB feature to purchase items for commercial consumption. If you do, you will be charged the standard Shipping, Customs and Delivery Rates


When is the best time to place my order?

Monday to Thursday it the best time and please ensure all items are ready for pick up on Sunday by 6pm (Florida Time).


When do you pick-up and ship?

We pick-up every Sunday at 6pm (Florida Time) and we ship to Jamaica every Wednesday/Thursday. Orders that are not ready for pick-up and be left until the following Sunday.


How long do I have to wait to get my package?

It takes a minimum of 10 days from the day of pick-up at Walmart for your items to arrive at your doorstep.


How do I know my item has been picked up from Walmart?

Once your items have been picked up, you will receive an email alert saying "Items Received in Florida".


What if I am not a platinum member and place a Walmart order?

We will process your order and charge you our standard shipping rates, duties, logistics and delivery fees.


Do I have to pay to become a platinum member?

No membership fee, not now and not ever.


What happens if all the items are not in the box?

We will not pick-up your items if one or more items are missing from your order, and you will have to correspond with Walmart in this regard.