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About Us

Hi, we are AIG Shop N Relax, a subsidiary of Alpha Import Group Ltd. We are poised to provide you with relaxation whenever you need to ship to Jamaica. Read more

Being an engineer, it’s in my nature to solve problems and make systems work better. So we began to ship replacement parts ourselves and realized that there is NO REASON WHY PACKAGES SHOULD BE UNDULY DELAYED. Armed with this knowledge and faster shipping experience, we became shippers ourselves.

Our goal is to handle all of your packages from the USA with the utmost care and urgency while ensuring an efficient door-to-door delivery experience. We recognize the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises in our local economy and we are prepared to ease your logistical burden to ensure that shipping will no longer be a barrier. We believe there is a better way to ship packages. A much more fluid and fast method where packages are tended to professionally and urgently. We are very passionate about this and are on the leading edge of logistics in Jamaica, so we are equipped with all the latest package tracking technology and emphatic customer support to guide you through the shipping process.

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